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Our Process

At New York Rug Cleaning, we treat your rug with the care and respect it deserves. We examine, clean, repair and restore all rugs using premium products and materials. We work with the best machinery and perform many repairs and services by hand.

Our Services

We offer a full menu of rug care services. Our menu includes rug cleaning, rug repair and rug restoration services along with specialty services like re-fringing, re-weaving and color restoration services. We offer services for all types of messes and damages.

Our Free Estimate

We start all of our professional rug care services with a free estimate. One of our friendly technicians comes to your home to evaluate the state of your rug. We offer you a price for the desired service, and, if you agree, start the service that same day. No obligation, no hassle.

Welcome to professional rug care services from your local rug experts. We take pride in our high quality work and deliver guaranteed results. We work with only the finest materials and skilled experts. We promise to love your precious rug as much as you do.

We Offer a 100% Guarantee On All Of Our Work.

We provide organic, non-toxic materials services

Rugs We Care For
Oriental Rug
Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

You don’t have to look deep into the details of the fabric of an Oriental rug to enjoy its beautiful design and overall high quality.

Antique Rug
Antique Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

Nothing says sophistication and grandeur like a fine antique rug as a part of your home decor.

Wool Rug
Wool Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

However popular synthetic rugs are now, the fact is that wool rugs have not, and will never, lose their appeal. And why? Because no other fiber contains as many of the natural properties that wool does...

Silk Rug
Silk Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

Silk has a fantastic luster when it catches the light. And many silk rugs have over 1,000 knots per square inch, taking years to weave. No wonder then that they inevitably dominate the higher end of the market...

Flokati Rug
Flokati Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

Flokati rugs are made from wool and are re-known for their elegance, comfort and durability. Their hallmark is a shaggy, deep pile, created by an ancient process of immersing the wool in swirling mountain waterfalls...

Shag Rug
Shag Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

This 70’s classic is making a comeback! Originating in Greece, shags are becoming increasingly popular in American homes because of their “wild” yet sumptuous feel and affordable price...

Berber Rug
Berber Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

Originating in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, these rustic pile carpets are knotted with un-spun sheep’s wool. They range in color from beige and brown to natural and give a warm look to any room. ..

Tibetan Rug
Tibetan Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

Tibetan rugs are woven by hand by locals high in the Himalayas, a traditional craft, passed down within families for many generations.

Turkish Rug
Turkish Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

Turkish rugs became popular throughout Europe by the 14th century. Nowadays, many of the Turkish rugs are still woven by hand and they reflect their rich heritage when it comes to styles and designs.

Moroccan Rug
Moroccan Rug Cleaning & Repair New York

Moroccan rugs also known as Berber rugs and according to the tradition, they are not only woven for decorating the floors of a home, but as a sign of prosperity and for welcoming a visitor.

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