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Flokati Rug Cleaning

An Ancient Greek Tradition

Flokati rugs have been produced by the Greeks for centuries and they are mostly used for high trafficked are because they keep the floors warm. Their only downside is that they may get dirty quickly, but with the help of the best flokati rug cleaning specialists in NYC, you can maintain the beauty in your home with a clean flokati rug.

Whether your flokati rug is a lamb skin, sheep wool or sheep skin one, we can provide you with a quick and reliable service that will make your rug look just like new.

Organic Cleaning Products

All the products we use for flokati rug cleaning are organic and safe for your children and pets. Our rug cleaning service is done by experts with years of knowledge and it will most certainly restore the originality of your rug and extend its life. 

The flokati rug cleaning process starts with our team picking the rugs from your home and ends with them delivering them back to you shimmering with brightness. 

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