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Egyptians Rug Cleaning

Egyptian rugs are frequently woven from fine textiles and for this reason they need to be cleaned mildly in order to avoid the deterioration of the colors. Our Egyptian rug cleaning experts in New York City will use authentic hand-washing techniques and compressed-air cleaning where needed for making your Egyptian Rug shine.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Our teams of rug cleaning specialists will only use progressive techniques that are environmentally friendly in order to revive the colors and textures of your Egyptian rug. The cleaning products we use are all organic and they will cause absolutely no damage to your rug.

Our Range of Cleaning Services

Among the cleaning services we offer for Egyptian rugs we can count stain removal, brushing, deep cleaning, rinsing and drying. You should keep in mind the fact that professional cleaning of an Egyptian rug cannot be performed at home.

In the improbable event you are not completely content with our Egyptian rug cleaning service, we offer all our customers a 100% guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

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