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Art Deco Rug Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, art deco rugs can take a large amount of effort from the owner’s part to be kept in a like-new condition. This happens because they have a tendency of absorbing dirt quickly.

For this reason, simply vacuuming them systematically is not enough. On every occasion you need a deep cleaning service for your art deco rug, you should call the best art deco rug cleaning specialists in New York.

Art Deco Specialists

Art deco cleaning is however easier when left in the hands of professionals. Over the years, a fair amount of dirt begins to accumulate in the fibers of the rug and your art deco rug will be in need of a deep cleaning.

The Cleaning Service

The art deco rug cleaning service starts with a methodical pre-inspection that will allow us to determine the existing condition the rug and its possible problems. Then, we use pH testing, which helps us identify any difficult stains to determine whether the rug presents alkaline residues from prior cleanings. 

Our technicians will then use power-driven dusting, dull-immersion wash and centrifuge rinsing techniques before returning the art deco rug to you in an exceptional condition.

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