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Info & Tips

  1. If you find a stain in your rug, never scrub at it. Scrubbing will only spread it around further or embed it more deeply in the fabric.  Instead, blot at it gently, with a mixture of white vinegar and water or club soda.

  2. When cleaning your rug, first dab a small amount of cleaning solution onto a small unnoticeable part of it. Then wait half an hour.  If the colors do not bleed, you can proceed safely with the cleaning.

  3. Clean the fringe of your rug by hand. Take a spray bottle filled with cleaning solution and spray it on. With a cleaning brush, pay special attention to spots and stains. Always brush the fringe in its natural direction, to avoid tearing it.

  4. Don't use conventional solutions to try and clean your rug – instead turn to environmentally-friendly alternatives.  They're widely available in stores throughout the country and because they don't contain harmful chemicals, they're easier on the rug's fabric.  They'll also protect the health of your children and pets.

  5. If you notice damage to your rug, don't ignore it.  It's best to call a professional sooner rather than later, because the longer you leave it, the harder it might be to make the repair or even save the rug. 

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