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Shag Rug Care

Versatile, Comfortable and Affordable 

This 1970’s classic is making a comeback!  Originating in Greece, shags are becoming increasingly popular in American homes because of their “wild” yet sumptuous feel and affordable price.

Shag rugs are durable and versatile – they can soften hardwood and tile floorings, and also placed by your bed, to give your feet a morning “treat!”  If you put on in front of your fireplace keeps it cosy.

Textured Look and Feel

Flotaki and Aros shags, produced in New Zealand, are particularly popular.  Characterized by different pile strands – ranging from one to three inches – they lend a textured look and feel.  

Shag rugs come in hard-wearing cotton, acrylic, and nylon and in a wide range of sizes and colors, from cream and muted brown to psychedelic red and orange.  

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