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European Rug Care

Unity and Diversity

European rugs are characterized first and foremost by the influences of Oriental designs. However, they are very diverse when it comes to specific designs and use of color. French rugs include the famous Aubusson and Savonnerie styles, while English ones are renowned for the incorporated coats of arms.

Gentle Deep Cleaning

An European rug might be costly, but it is very likely to last a lifetime. The best way to ensure this is by employing the services of professional cleaners on a regular basis. All the members of our team are skilled experts, who will treat every rug with individual care. 

Exclusive organic solutions

We only use 100% organic solutionsfor cleaning every rug and the entire procedure is done manually. All the organic products we use are safe for children and pets. 

Delivery return and guarantee

Our ultimate goal is to make every client happy and this is the reason for which we offer a 100% guarantee and free pick-ups and returns. 

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