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Oriental Rug Repair & Restoration

A repair necessity

With age and usage, the knots of an Oriental rug may become loose or fringes may come off. You should not worry too much about this, as rugs can be repaired just like any other woven material. If the Oriental rug repair and restoration in New York City service is done properly, your rug will look like new. 

The Knowledge of Experts

Repairing an oriental rug requires the attention of a skilled craftsman, who will use his knowledge and experience to provide you the best service. We have some of the best experts in New York when it comes to weaving techniques and understanding the particular characteristics of each rug.

Reconstructing a Rug

Oriental rug restoration and repair can go from simply putting fringes back together to as far as re-weaving. Our teams of specialists perform each type of restoration work by considering both the needs of each individual rug and the client’s wishes at the same time. We offer the best Oriental rug restoration service in New York and guarantee that your valuable rug will be returned to you in perfect condition.

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