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Turkish Rug Repair & Restoration

Repairing or restoring a Turkish rug is a procedure that requires high skills and it needs to be performed with utmost care. Luckily, our Turkish rug repair and restoration team of experts in NY will respect the weaving techniques of each individual rug and will carefully match all the originally fibers and colors flawlessly.

Keeping the Looks Original

If you are interested in maintaining the looks of your Turkish rug as close as possible to the original, you need to address any kind of damage as soon as you observe it. Thus, you will avoid costly reparations and you will have a good-looking rug in your room at all times.

A Team of Specialists

We employ highly-skilled experts who take pride in their work and thus they will perform any needed reparation on your rug impeccably. 

For your peace of mind, we provide you with a 100 % guarantee for any Turkish repair and restoration service.

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