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Rug Backing

Rug Backing Service from Local Professionals

Let New York Rug Cleaning help you protect the quality, look and long life of your rug with a professional rug backing service. 

We work with your satisfaction at the top of our priorities throughout the entire backing service. We pride ourselves on our quality rug care team, expert results and overall professional service from stat to finish. 

Rug Backing & It's Benefits

When you buy an area rug, they usually do not come with any kind of backing. Original weavers and rug makers focus only on creating the beautiful rug foundation.

Rug backing comes in a variety of different styles and made from various types of materials. Backings in general feature a two layer system for the best possible results.

The first layer, or primary backing, features a coarse texture woven throughout the fibers of the rug. This helps support only the foundation. The second layer serves as an insulation barrier to ward off mold and other germs.

Let New York Rug Cleaning provide you with the support and protection you need for your rug with our rug backing service. 

Care, Precision from Rug Experts

We offer both backing installation and repair services. Our expert technicians work with you, from start to finish, to match the right backing and service with your rug and needs.

Our technicians work to integrate the backing by hand using our premium materials and equipment. We work with precision and complete attention to deliver the best possible rug backing service. 

So whether you need a rug backing installation or backing repair service, call the experts at New York Rug Cleaning.

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