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Wool Rug Reweaving

When is Wool Reweaving Necessary?

Even when treating wool rugs with utmost care, accidents happen. When you notice that your rug has been damaged by insects that tend to eat the fabric away, reweaving becomes necessary. If you do not pay attention to this type of damage, your rug will soon be completely ruined.

Fixing the Damage

While it is sometimes possible to fix the patches of insect damage at home, by spreading latex on the affected area, the effectiveness of this method is rather doubtful. In order to restore your wool rug to its original condition, you should let wool reweaving in the hands of professionals.

Don’t Leave it to the Chance

Our experts in wool reweaving can help getting your rug back into its original shape. By using out well-trained professionals’ expertise, you can be sure the reweaving process will be seamless and you will never be able to tell the rug suffered any damage.

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