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Domestic Rug Reweaving

Reweaving a domestic rug is a necessary service for those rugs whose structure is damaged from wear and tear or for those that have experienced all sorts of accidents. Our domestic reweaving repair specialists in NY will treat each rug with individual care when it comes to reweaving.

Evaluating the State of the Rug

Before we begin any type of reweaving service, a preliminary inspection of your rug is needed. This will allow us to evaluate the state of your domestic rug and the kind of reweaving we will need to use in order to restore it to a like-new condition.

Recreating the Rug’s Structure

Due to so many years of experience with rug reweaving, our specialists will be able to recreate the structure of your rug perfectly. The strengthening service we perform for every rug will prevent the rug from getting damaged again.

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