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Afghan Rug Reweaving

One day you notice your beloved Afghan rug has seen better days. This is where we come in, with our professional rug reweaving services in NY. All of the wear and tear damage your rug has suffered can be undone, when treated properly, and re - weaved by hand, under the care of experienced experts. 

Excellent Techniques

All our specialists have a solid knowledge of various kinds of rugs and they will be able to choose the best techniques that need to be used in order to restore your Afghan rug back to its original condition. On top of that, we execute all reweaving procedures by hand in order to attain the best possible results.

Our Guarantee

Reweaving an Afghan rug requires plenty of patience and expertise and we are confident we can offer you all that. We are actually so confident that nothing will go wrong when performing a reweaving service on your rug that we offer a 100 % guarantee. 

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