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Rug Cleaning

Local Cleaning Expert Service for Your Rug

At New York Rug Cleaning, we provide you with the best in professional rug cleaning services. Our cleaning methods come from years of experience in traditional cleaning techniques coupled with modern technology. 

Our team of rug cleaning experts treat your rug with the care and attention it both needs and deserves. Our quality results give you a professional clean you can see and feel.

Rug Care is Our Passion

Our passion for rug care runs deep. We understand the unique nature of every rug and work to enhance and restore it's natural beauty and prestige. 

We work with your rug using not only the best products and equipment, but also, with expert knowledge. We clean all kinds of rugs hand-made, machine-made, Persian, Oriental, synthetic and more.

Comprehensive Clean from Effective Methods

At New York Rug Cleaning, we start our rug cleaning process with a professional inspections. This helps us get to know your rug and identify all stains, spots and messes. 

We proceed with a dusting treatment to remove even the most embedded soils. Once dusted, we soak the rug in a preconditioning bath followed by a complete cleaning service using non-toxic green cleaning products. 

We rinse the rug in fresh, clean water to remove all messes and shampoos before laying it to dry in our temperature controlled room. 

Rug Cleaning NY

Trust Us with Your Rug

When we return your fresh rug to you, you will love the professional clean results. For the best in rug cleaning service, call New York Rug Cleaning today.

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