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Antique Rug Care

Antique Rugs Make a Statement

Most antique rugs are family heirlooms that pass from one generation to the next. Some antique rugs are prized possessions from an auction. No matter from where you acquire it, an antique rug offers a history, geography and culture lesson all while adding luxury and depth to your home.

Unique History & Durability

Antique rugs come from a variety of different regions around the world. The most popular come from Persia, Tibet, India, Yemen, Turkey, Peru and North America. Each different culture used distinct color palettes, natural materials and knot design and patterns to differentiate the rug styles. For example, most antique rugs from Western cultures feature thick sheep’s wool yarn, while rugs from Eastern cultures use silk yarn.

Antique rugs when cared for properly last for years with a brilliant look and strong foundation. No matter the origin or style, these rugs always stand out as a true treasure for all homes and their owners.

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