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Flokati Rug Reweaving

When you notice that your flokati rug has suffered any kind of damage, it is time to contact aflokati reweaving specialist in New York. Damage is often caused by wear and tear and a flokati reweaving service can usually solve this problem for you.

Don’t Let the Rug Get Ruined

We offer a large palette of reweaving services for flokati rugs and in most cases you will not need to consider replacing your rug anymore. Thus, if your beautiful flokati rug starts to lose its weave, contact us as soon as possible.

Treating the Flokati with Care

Our technicians only use high quality products and well-tested techniques when it comes to flokati reweaving. You won’t need to worry about colors or structures being destroyed. 

When you call us for a flokati reweaving job, we will pick up the rug from your home and return it to you free of charge and in a like-new condition. 

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