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Egyptians Rug Reweaving

At the time you purchase an Egyptian rug, you think that you will be able to enjoy it for the years to come. However, when it comes to something so valuable and delicate, things may sometimes go wrong and you will be in need of a team of Egyptian reweaving experts in NY.

Don’t let it Fray

Thus, when you start noticing that your beautiful Egyptian rug starts to fray in front of your eyes, it is undoubtedly time to look into New York City re-weaving services.

The core of any gorgeous Egyptian rug is the weave that ultimately holds it together. When this weave begins to come out of place, the beauty of the rug is lost, as it shreds and tears. 

Professional reweaving services

We have a professional team that can help you with any Egyptian reweaving service you may need. As reweaving is a procedure that takes patience, expertise and lots of effort, we only employ experts that you can trust whenever the need arises. 

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