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Shag Rug Cleaning

As a general rule, shag rugs take quite a fair amount of effort to be kept in a like-new condition, as they tend to absorb dirt quickly. In many cases, just vacuuming them thoroughly is not enough. Whenever you need a deep cleaning service for your shag, call the best shag rug cleaning specialists in New York for a job well done.

A Team of Experienced Cleaners

When calling us, you will encounter a team of shag rug cleaning professionals. Our specialists only use organic rug cleaning products in order to restore the brightness of your shag rugs. Whatever your cleaning needs may be, you can trust our team of dedicated cleaners.

Cleaning All Kinds of Shags

Our team has the expertise to clean to perfection a large variety of shag rugs, including poly shag rugs, wool shag rugs, silky shag rugs, high pile shag rugs or large area shag rugs. 

Shag rugs give a warm look to any home. If you need them cleaned professionally, our NY team of experts is your best choice.

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