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Synthetic Rug Cleaning

Synthetic rugs some of the most popular types of rugs and they are known for their stain resistance and durability. Maintaining them clean is not very difficult, but whenever you think they are in need of a deep clean, don’t hesitate to call our synthetic rug cleaning specialists in New York City.

Getting Rid of the Dirt

Synthetic cleaning is easier than that for other types of rugs because of their non-porous fibers. This structure prevents soil from soaking easily into the rug. However, over the years dirt begins to accumulate and your synthetic rug will be in need of a deep cleaning.

Our Range of Services

Our team of rug cleaning specialists will first inspect your rug in order to make a decision of the cleaning methods they will employ. Some of the most common services we provide include deep cleaning and removal of difficult stains. 

Don’t forget that we offer a 100 % guarantee for all our cleaning jobs, even though we are confident you will not need to use it. 

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