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Braided Rug Care

Standing the test of time

Braided rugs were used by the Pilgrims – because they had scare resources and little money, they used leftover materials to make rugs for their bare wooden floors.  It is an colonial technique that has really stood the test of time.

Braided beauty

Today, most people don't have the time to make their own braided rugs, but luckily they are widely available.  They aren't just beautiful to look at but also very practical.  The yarns are spun, and made into bands of material.  They are dyed a variety of colors, then woven into braids.

We'll care for it properly

The best way to protect the “old time” feel of your braided rug, especially if it is made out of wool, is to leave it with us.  We use gentle organic solutions and after hand-washing and rinsing will dry it in a climate-controlled room.

100% guarantee 

We offer a 100% guarantee on every job, for your peace of mind.

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