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Needlepoint Rug Care

Hand-made works of art

The majority of needlepoint rugs are hand-made, because all the stitching cannot be done in a factory. Most of them are produced of 100 % wool yarn on cotton canvas.

Intricate designs

The designs of needlepoint rugs are often intricate and thus they are suitable as decorative pieces, which you can hang on walls. 

Start-to-finish cleaning service

For every rug, we employ a start-to-finish cleaning service, which means that our team of specialists will pre-inspect the rug, dust it professionally, deep wash it gently and dry it in a climate controlled room. Our full service ensures the protection of your needlepoint rug.

Our Guarantee of Excellence

We provide a free pick-up and return delivery for every rug and we promise an excellent service. In the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% guarantee. 

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