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Rug Color Restoration

Color Restoration by Rug Care Specialists

At New York Rug Cleaning, we offer a full service, all natural color restoration service for your area rug. Our service brings back the vibrant shades and brilliance found in your rug. 

Our expert team uses fine craftsmanship and artistry to match the original colors of your rug. We treat your rug with care and respect from start to finish. 

Dangers, Threats to Original Brilliance

Over time, your rug starts to suffer from daily use and exposure. Pollutants like dirt, sun light, water damages, dust and stains all degrade the original color quality of your rug.

These damages also leave your rug looking old, brittle and unkempt. They also lead to easy tears and holes.

A professional color restoration renews the beautiful look and overall strength of your rug. Trust the expert team at New York Rug Cleaning with the beauty of your rug.

Complete Professional Color Processing

We start our color restoration with a dusting and surface cleaning treatment. This provides us with a clean, clear surface with which to work and helps the new color bond to the fibers. 

Once completely dry, we use natural, vegetable based dyes to treat your rug. These dyes match the original dyes in color clarity and strength. 

After we finish the dying treatment, we give your rug a complete cleaning treatment to protect against bleeding. We return your rug to you with a fresh look that shines. 

So, trust New York Rug Cleaning to give you the best color restoration treatment available. Call today to book your free estimate.

Rug Color Restoration NY

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