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European Rug Color Restoration

With time, the original colors of an European rug will begin to fade and thus the rug will just not look the same any more. Faded colors are a problem that happens to all rugs, regardless of their quality. Whenever you feel like your rug is in need of a color boost, give us a call and we will have the best team of European color restoration experts in New York restoring the vibrancy in the colors of your rug.  

Colors Are Back!

By only employing upscale techniques, our color restoration technicians will bring the colors in your rug back to life and they will make them look just like new. Our specialists are very cautious when it comes to color matching.

Organic Supplies

We also make sure we only use organic products and dyes for all our color restoration procedures and you can rest assured the freshly colored rug will be completely safe for your children or pets.

When we deliver the rug back at your home, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the way it shines with brightness as it was the day you bought it.

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