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Sisal Rug Color Restoration

The beautiful colors of Sisal rugs are predisposed to becoming dull with time because of sunlight and dust, thus losing their intensity. Luckily, we employ one of the best Sisal rug color restoration teams in NY and we can resuscitate life in the colors of your Sisal rug. 

Sisal Colors

Some of the most popular Sisal rug patterns feature tones of orange, brown, black and different shades of beige and yellow. While all these colors look stunning when the rug is new, they are likely to fade over time. Fortunately, this fading is a reversible process.

The Perfect Job

We offer our customers an excellent Sisal color restoration service. Our technicians will do an excellent job from matching the colors, so your rug will be likely to look just like on the day you bought it. 

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