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Egyptians Rug Color Restoration

Colors are the things that make an Egyptian rug look perfect on your floor or as a decorative element on a wall. At the time you discover that colors start fading, it’s time to look for the best Egyptian color restoration specialists in New York.

Reinstating the Colors

The secret of an effective Egyptian color restoration service is matching all the colors perfectly. The light of the sun is the worst enemy of a rug’s colors, mostly because it might damage its dyes. Fortunately, we have the essential expertise to reinstate the original colors in your valuable Egyptian rug.

Custom Color Restoration

Egyptian color restoration is comparable to repairing the colors of a work of art. The team of experts employed by us will treat every single rug with individual care, which means that we will only use techniques and supplies that are suitable for your type of rug. 

Each and every one of our color specialists is experts in color restoration and they will restore life back to the colors of your rug. If you are not fully satisfied with the way the job was done, a 100 % guarantee is offered.

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