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Karastan Rug Color Restoration

Karastan rugs are distinguished by their unexpected color combinations and inventive patterns. If you are looking for ways to preserve the beauty of your Karastan rug for a long time, you should contact a Karastan color restoration expert in New York City.

Keeping the Colors Alive

Preserving the colors of a Karastan rug intact is no easy job at all. You will need to be very careful about sunlight exposure, as this is known to be the worst enemy of a rug’s colors. Make sure you protect your rug by not letting it exposed to sunlight for too long a time.

Safe Dyes

All our color technicians have years of knowledge in the field of color restoration. Due to their years of experience with Karastan rugs, they will be able to restore life in the colors of your rug. Absolutely all the dyes we use for reviving the colors of a Karastan rug are safe for your children and pets.

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