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Moroccan Rug Color Restoration

Moroccan rugs have so many unique colors that each one of them is an exceptional visual experience. With time, the intensity of the colors will start to weaken and this will reduce the value of your Moroccan rug. Luckily, our Moroccan color restoration experts in NY will restore the colors and give your rug its original looks in no time.

Moroccan Colors

There are moments when you observe how the colors of your rug are fading away because of the sun. Usually, Moroccan rugs feature reddish and orange tones, as well as hues of amber and burgundy.

In their original state, these are all amazing colors, offering a feast to the eyes. However, they tend to be at risk for sun-fading deterioration. If you notice this in your Moroccan rug, this is the right time to get in touch with our team and opt for a color restoration service. 

Professional Color Restoration

We pay attention to all tiny details when it comes to your Moroccan rug. We only use professional equipment to get the job done. Once the job is done and your rug is in a like -new condition, we will make sure it will be safely delivered to your home.

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