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Peruvian Rug Color Restoration

Lively colored Peruvian rugs can enhance the decor of any living room. However, after years of use, colors may begin to fade and you will be left with a rug that looks dull and colorless. If this is the case, our Peruvian color restoration experts in New York will more than happy to help you out.

Color All The Way

We are one of the best teams in New York when it comes to Peruvian color restoration. Whether you need us to restore the vibrancy in all your rug or just in the portions affected by sunlight, for example, we are up for the task. 

Non Toxic Products

All the supplies and dyes we use are of very high-quality and we assure you nothing toxic or not previously tested will touch the fibers of your Peruvian rug. 

At the time we deliver the rug back at your home, you will be amazed by the way it shines with brightness in your living room.

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