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Silk Rug Cleaning

Getting to Know Your Silk Rug

The first thing one needs to now when purchasing a silk rug is that you are never supposed to clean it at home. Despite taking precautions, you will certainly end up ruining the rug. This is one of those times when you need the help the best silk rug cleaning specialists in New York.

Silk rugs are beautiful and expensive, but unfortunately they get stained pretty easily. For this reason, you should not use a silk rug in high traffic areas, in order to avoid it getting damaged.

A Cautious Cleaning Service

At the time you decide to trust us with cleaning your silk rug cleaning, we will take all the needed precautions to protect the delicate fabrics and preserve its original colors unaltered. Because we only use organic solutions for cleaning, the service will be deep, but gentle at the same time.

Don’t forget that we offer a 100% guarantee for every cleaning job, for your complete peace of mind. 

Silk Rug Cleaning NY

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