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Sisal Rug Cleaning

Sisal rugs need regular cleaning in order to maintain their original look for years. By employing the expert services of a Sisal rug cleaning company in New York, your rug will shine with cleanliness at all times.

The Range of Sisal Cleaning Services

Some of the cleaning services we offer for Sisal rugs include brushing, difficult stain removal, deep cleaning, rinsing and drying. As you may already might be aware of, professional cleaning of a sisal rug cannot be done at home.

Nature-friendly Supplies

Our team of rug cleaning specialists only employs revolutionary processes that are ecologically friendly in order to revive the texture and colors of your contemporary rug. Each and every one of the cleaning supplies we use is organic and will cause no harm to your sisal rug.

As soon as the cleaning service is complete, the rug will be brushed for reinstating its original patina. We will then inspect it one last time and bag it for protection. Then, we will deliver it to your home completely free of charge.

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