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Peruvian Rug Cleaning

Peruvian rug cleaning is a job that is best let in the hands of Peruvian rug cleaning professionals in New York. Our team provides a wide range of specialized rug cleaning services that will help your rug look beautiful ones again.

Cleaning Choices

Before cleaning a Peruvian rug, we carry out a thorough inspection in order to let our customers know what cleaning procedure we decide to employ. From a brash to dye bleed, we encounter a wide series of problems when cleaning rugs, so we need to address them accordingly.

A Safe Cleaning Procedure

Peruvian rug cleaning is not just about removing dust by vacuuming the fibers. Dry soil particles need to be eliminated from the deep structure of the rug in order for it to be perfectly clean. We only use organic cleaning supplies, so there will be absolutely no toxic substances touching your Peruvian rug.

After the Peruvian rug cleaning is complete, we will return the rug to you in an excellent condition and completely free of charge. 

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