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Hand Made Rug Cleaning

Hand made rugs are outstanding choices whether you intend to use them in modern designs or just for decorating a traditional room with a twist. When you think that is time to give your rug a proper deep cleaning, we are the best hand made rug cleaning specialists in NY to contact.

Thorough Rug inspection

For our specialists, the service of cleaning a hand made rug starts with a close inspection. As hand made rugs feature particularly delicate fabrics and patterns, cleaning them with utmost care will be  a priority for our team. 

A Thorough Cleaning Service

Fortunately, unlike in the case of regular cleaning techniques, we perform the cleaning procedure deeply, but also very gently. All out cleaning supplies allow the original colors of your custom rug to glow, by ensuring all dirt and stains have been removed at the same time.

Playing on the Safe Side

In the highly unlikely case anything unexpected happens, you will be completely covered by our 100% guarantee.

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