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Tibetan Rug Care

Treasures of Ancient, Traditional Craft

In a world of new technological gadgets, sometimes traditional craft treasures, like Tibetan rugs, get lost in the crowd. These beautiful pieces of art feature a unique knotting technique, not found in other rug weaving cultures, and tell a wonderful history of an almost forgotten region.

Originally crafted from the wool of the Tibetan highland sheep, theses rugs feature durability, beauty and comfort for your home. Whether you lay them across the floor or hang them on the wall, Tibetan rugs remind us of the quality derived from ancient artistry.

Unique Qualities

Tibetan rugs carry with them unique features for rug owners. These included:

  • Strong knot design base which results in a long-lasting rug foundation
  • If made of real wool, the rug offers a natural water repellant quality that keeps the rug looking and feeling great for years to come
  • Natural wool makes for easy cleaning and upkeep
  • Natural and synthetic dyes provide unique, vibrant designs
  • Hand crafted Tibetan rugs represent valuable investments


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