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Oriental Rug Cleaning

The best way to keep an oriental rug clean is preventing it from getting dirty in the first place. You can do this by avoiding walking with your outdoor shoes on the rug. You should only have an oriental rug cleaned by Oriental cleaning experts in New York when it really needs it. For most rugs used in areas of the home with high traffic, this will generally mean a yearly cleaning. 

Special Care

Oriental rugs are often made from fine textiles, which need to be cleaned gently in order to preserve the original aspect and colors. Our team of well-trained specialists will use authentic hand-washing and compressed-air cleaning where needed.

Certified Specialists

Your oriental rugs are not only impressive decorations in your home, but they are also valuable investments. In order to maintain the original aspect of your rug, you need a specialist to take care of your rug. We offer all the Oriental rug cleaning services in NY you may need and we guarantee that our team of specialists will treat your rug with utmost care.

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