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Wool Rug Cleaning

Regular Vacuuming

Wool rug cleaning starts with excellent regular care. As a wool rug is continuously affected by foot traffic, dust and dirt, vacuuming it with a quality machine will go a long way towards prolonging its life. 

Steam Cleaning

This method used by professionals is very effective for wool rug cleaning. It is not advisable to perform this method on your own, as this may involve using too much water or detergent. Avoid using laundry detergents on your wool rug as this may lead to chemical brighteners. It is best to leave steam cleaning in the hands of our well-trained professionals.

An Extensive Cleaning Service

The wool rug cleaning process begins with a thorough pre-inspection, which will bring to our attention the existing condition and problems of the rug. We then use pH testing, which allows us to identify any stains or unusual spots and to determine whether the rug is in an alkaline status from previous cleanings. Our professional team uses mechanical dusting, dull-immersion wash and centrifuge rinsing before returning the rug to you in an excellent condition.

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