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Cotton Rug Care

Give your room a new look

Cotton rugs are very easy to care for and are a cheap and quick way to give your room a new look.  They are becoming increasingly popular because they have little crimp, can absorb many times their weight in water and do not melt.  

Comfortable feel

Cotton is also a great material for a rug because it can be easily dyed and is environmentally-friendly.  It has great designs, grace and a comfortable feel.

Gentle deep-clean

Many people will put their cotton rug in a washing machine when it's dirty, but for a deep-clean then professional care is advisable.   We treat every piece with special care, using only 100% organic cleaning solutions – and we will vacuum, wash and rinse by hand, then dry your rug gently in a climate-controlled room.

Free pick-up and return delivery

Our staff are experienced and reliable and we offer top quality care at competitive rates, as well as free pick-up and return delivery for every rug.

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