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Antique Rug Reweaving

An Expert’s Service

As the owner of an antique rug, you must be aware of the fact that no matter how well you try to maintain it in a like-new condition, it is still going to experience the effects of wear and tear. Fortunately, all these can be reversed with the help of antique reweaving experts in NYC. 

Wear and Tear Damages

With regular cleaning, wear and tear effects can be reduced, but you should know that most of the damage that will require antique reweaving is caused by bugs in your home.

Bugs? Where?

You are right to wonder how it is possible for a clean house to be full of bugs. Actually, just some almost invisible insects, called rug beetles, can eat the knots of your antique rug, thus destroying its weaving.

Our Promise of Excellence

We know that reweaving an antique rug is a quite difficult service, because of the attention that needs to be paid when it comes to patterns and colors. Our team of specialists have years of reweaving experience and will make sure you’ll be completely content with the results. 

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