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Needlepoint Rug Reweaving

The most recurrent harms that can occur to a needlepoint rug include damage to the cord along the side to and to the fringes and to the edges of the rug. Our needlepoint reweaving specialists in New York City can reduce the tear and wear signs. 

Taking Care of the Fibers

Reweaving a needlepoint rug is a service that needs to be done with the greatest care, as it might destroy the patterns and fibers of the rug. So as to avoid any type of mistake, we only employ perfectly trained specialists, who will treat your needlepoint rug according to its individual state. 

Choosing the Reweaving Service

We the best needlepoint reweaving service in New York and you can rest assured that your rug is completely safe with us. Prior to starting any sort of needlepoint reweaving procedure, we will pre-inspect the rug to help us decide what techniques should we use. 

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