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Tibetan Rug Reweaving

There are situations in which you may discover that your Tibetan rugs suffered of one or another type of damage. There is no need to worry, though, as we can offer you or excellent Tibetan reweaving expertise in NYC, so that you won’t have to throw your Tibetan rug away.

Reweaving the Holes

Many of the problems that we encounter when it comes to Tibetan rugs are related to reweaving. This is a process during which we match the fibers of a rug identically with the original ones in order to repair small holes or other types of damage.

The Best Team of Specialists

Because we only employ the best specialists in New York when it comes to reweaving, you will be most pleased with the results you get. Our experts only use verified techniques that will create excellent results.

Together with our full guarantee, you will also receive free pick-ups and delivery to your home.

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