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Moroccan Rug Care

A Variety of Symbols

All Moroccan rugs feature a diverse range of symbols, many of them related to the environment of the desert. Thus, pointed lines are used as a symbol of the Atlas Mountains and triangles for the desert. 

A Plethora of Colors

The colors of Moroccan rugs are generally obtained from natural ingredients and spices, a process that gives them a glamorous vibrancy. Thus, blue is obtained from plants, brown from clay and yellow from saffron. 

A Gentle Cleaning Service

Because the colors of Moroccan rugs are all natural, treating a rug with harsh chemical products would destroy their beauty. This is why we treat Moroccan rugs with utmost care and only use gentle solutions for cleaning them. 

Our 100 % Guarantee

We are sure you will be more than happy with our rug cleaning service, but we would also like to offer you 100 % guarantee for your peace of mind.

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