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Organic Cleaning

Organic Cleaning for All

We consider the health and safety of your rug, family and the natural environment when we perform our cleaning and care services. We take great pride in offering a completely organic cleaning treatment for your rug needs. 

At New York Rug Cleaning, we worked hard to achieve a certifiable standard in organic cleaning from our cleaning products to our machinery and equipment. We happily share a simple and pure clean with you and our natural environment.

Upgrade to Green

By changing the way we approach professional cleaning, we found that switching from traditional, chemical heavy products to certified green cleaning products provides a complete, deep clean with threatening the health of your family or the environment. 

Our line of unique green cleaning products use ingredients found only in nature. They work deep into stains and messes and convert these pollutants into natural, free-rising soaps.

They quickly and easily rinse out of all types of rugs and fibers. They leave behind a fresh, healthy clean without chemical, harsh or sticky leftovers.

Our green cleaning products effectively clean each and every type of rug and material without causing unnecessary harm or damage. They give you a gentle clean without compromising on quality.

Green Machines

In order to give you a proper organic cleaning service, we even traded out the traditional cleaning machines for more energy and water efficient models. These special machines use fewer natural resources to provide you with the same deep, professional clean.

By making some simple changes to our company, we now provide you with a healthy, safe clean for your home and the natural environment. Call us to learn more about our organic cleaning services.

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