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Egyptians Rug Care

Highly stylized, geometric designs

Egyptian rugs – Mamluks - are considered to be top-of-the line.  Their designs are highly stylized and often geometric, and because there are equal numbers of horizontal and vertical knots, weavers can create perfect circles and squares.   

Striking colors, fantastic sheen

Dyes used are often striking red, blue and green, and they have a wonderful sheen because of the high quality of the wool used. The attention to detail is exceptional, and this is reflected in their price.

Organic solutions

Egyptian rugs need really special care.  That's why we use only natural and organic solutions, which works great on wool yet uncompromisingly tough on dirt and grime.  

Trained and skilled staff

Our teams are trained, skilled and reliable and offer top quality service at competitive price.  There's also a 100% guarantee on every job we do, for your peace of mind.

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