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Antique Rug Fringing

It’s Time for New Fringes

There comes a time in the life of any antique rug when it needs its fringes repaired or replaced. If you need an antique rug fringing repair specialist in New York to help you offer your rug new fringes, we are the best you can have.

A Structure Problem

Fringes are an essential part in the structure of a rug and thus they need to be in perfect shape not just for looks, but for extending the lifespan of an antique rug. Antique fringes repair is a necessary service for any antique rug that looks like it’s going to lose them…literally. 

An Expert’s Job

Because antique rugs are valuable, we only use products that will maintain the original aspect of your rug. You can choose your preferred types of fringes if a full replace is needed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that you want the best service for your antique rug in NYC and we are confident we can easily offer it. However, if you are not fully satisfied, we offer a 100% guarantee for all the fringing jobs. 

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