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Afghan Rug Fringing

At whatever time you discover that the state of the fringes of your Afghan rug has been ignored, you should contact a team of Afghan fringing repair specialists in NYC. We are the best ones that can help you with any type of Afghan fringing repair service you may need.

It’s a Fringing Secret

The secret for the outstanding results we achieve resides in the fact that we look at each rug on an individual basis when it comes to afghan fringing repair. Thus, the first thing we do is to determine the nature of repair your Afghan rug needs according to its structure. 

Recreating the Rug

The fringes need to be rewrapped by hand in the majority of situations, with our experts paying close attention to the structure of the Afghan rug. While this is a particularly time-consuming process, it is essential for recreating the original aspect of your Afghan rug.

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