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Moroccan Rug Fringing

Fringes are the first elements of a Moroccan rug that get destroyed and damaged. This is the reason why our Moroccan fringing repair experts in New York City have to deal with fringing repair almost on a daily basis. Fringes are not added to a rug just for the beauty of it, but because they are part of the rug’s structure. It is essential to get them repaired as soon as they get damaged.

Strengthening the Fringes

If the majority of the fringes are in place, our experts will strengthen the foundation threads. Our professional team will advise you about which options do you have, depending on the level of destruction. 

A Perfect Fringing Job

Every now and then, the fringes will need to be completely changed, in order to keep the structure of the rug in good shape. Nevertheless, you must be completely sure that our team will do the best they can to retain the original aspect of your Moroccan rug.

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