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Egyptians Rug Fringing

Even the most sophisticated and valuable rug is subject to wear and tear. Generally, the fringes are the first parts of rugs that need the attention of an Egyptian fringing repair expert in NYC.

A Job for the Professionals

Damaged fringes represent a very common problem but this does not mean that every repairer in the city know what they are doing. Egyptian fringing repair is a procedure that has to be done with utmost care and our team of specialists can guarantee you that. 

Fringing Repair Experts

We employ exclusively well-trained experts who will first assess the fringe damage and only after then decide on the best approach. This way, your rug will look just as new and it will maintain this look for the years to come.

All the techniques employed by our team are tested and we assure you no damage will occur to your rug. If, however, something goes wrong, you will be covered by our 100% guarantee.

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