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Berber Rug Fringing

Berber area rugs, over time, can get worn out and loose some of its qualities. For these cases - and others - we can be of service, with our accumulated knowledge, expertise and state of the art tools and methods. 

Why is Fringing Important?

Fringes are one of the most important parts of a berber rug, even though it may not seem so at first sight. They protect the body of the rug and when they are not in good shape, the end borders of the rug may end up seriously damaged. 

A Careful Fringing Repair

When you bring a rug to us for fringing repair, we give extra care on an individual basis and go out of our way to match the original fringe as closely as possible. This way, it will be difficult to notice the fringes are not the original ones.

Berber fringing repair is one the many rug services we offer. Contact us today and see what we can do for your rug in New York. 


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