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Art Deco Rug Fringing

We are a company specialized in rug repairs and one of the most common reasons people come to us is to help them with Art Deco fringing repair in New York. Repairing the fringes of an Art Deco rug should not be left until it is too late, as its beauty will be certainly spoiled.

Choosing the Fringes

At the time you discover that your Art Deco rug is in need of new fringes, you can trust us with this job. We will maintain the original design of the Art Deco rug as closely as possible. On the other hand, you can pick the type of fringes you want when they need complete replacing, according to your personal taste. 

Inspecting the Fringes

Compared to other rug repair companies, we do not only refurbish the original fringes of an Art Deco rug, but replace them completely and impeccably where needed. The Art Deco fringing repair starts with an inspection that will permit us to verify the condition of the fringes. Only after this inspection is complete we decide the suitable course of action.

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