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Indian Rug Fringing

We are the best team of Indian fringing repair experts in NY that you could want for all your rug services. Our technicians offer complex services according to the type of fringes, level of damage and your own specific preferences. 

Getting to Know the Fringes

All our experts have a profound knowledge of fringing repair techniques and thus they are able to select the best approach for repairing the fringes of any kind of Indian rug. 

Increasing the Rug’s Life

Indian fringing repair is an important treatment that will increase the durability and integrity of your Indian rug. There are basically two ways of dealing with fringing repairs. We can either replace them in the areas where they are missing or replace them completely with new ones. Either way, the appearance of your Indian rug will be exactly the same as the day you bought it.

Our Indian fringing repair services include a 100% guarantee as well as free pick-ups and deliveries from and to your home.  

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