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Synthetic Rug Fringing

If you feel that the fringes of your synthetic rug have been neglected, you should employ the services of a synthetic fringing repair specialist in New York. We can help you with any kind of synthetic fringing repair service.

Deciding What to Do

Compared to other rug repair companies, we not only restore the original fringes of a synthetic rug, but replace them seamlessly if needed. We start with an inspection process in order to verify the condition of the fringes and only afterward we decide the suitable course of action.

Making the Fringes New Again

Fringes are very important for preserving the structure of a rug and thus they need to be treated with utmost care. Our experts will complete the fringing repair service by restoring the original look of your rug.

From pick-up to delivery, your synthetic rug is in safe hands. We also offer a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind. 

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